30 Aug 2013

And Then There Was A Vote….

It's been reported that a bunch of important boys and girls, important in their eyes, and their eyes only, had a vote last night. Seems some voted 'YES' and some voted 'NO' with a slack hand-full more voting 'NO' than those that voted 'YES'. A few saying 'NO' and voting 'YES' and a couple who forgot to vote.

This left Dave, 'I'm Still Robust', Camoron having to holster his 45 while shouting to himself, over and over and over again, "D'oh!"

Then there's that guy who used to be his bestest ever friend, Backtrack O'barmy, enquiring incredulously, "Say what now? It's just us and who? France? You're kidding, right?"

Another guy, putting all Bashing Asside for the moment, is doing that clenched fist, forearm forwards and backwards pumping thingy and shouting, "Yes!! Yes, yes, yes, yes!! Oh, yeeeesssssss!!!" with a foreign accent.

And a whole hell of a lot of those Tallymen and Al-Queue-Over-Here fellows are sulking, muttering "Shi'ite" just under their breath and planning something new, big and nasty for us.

So, after vast expense, and even more TV time than The X-Factor and Big Brother ever got to get, everything remains pretty much the same. Unless…..

Unless we've all been duped and distracted by a huge illusion, perpetrated by those masterful, manipulating magicians of power, from some other far more seriously world shaking event. An event such as Japan melting down and the oceans possibly dying? Or worse, EastEnders is about to end? Okay, I know, I know. There's no way EastEnders will ever end. Right, back into my tin foil suit then. But………

Quote; Gore Vidal.

“It makes no difference whom you vote for. The two parties are really one party representing four percent of the people.”

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