28 Aug 2013

And Then A Big Day....

Hi Dave, it’s me, Foggy. How ya doin’? Big day tomorrow? You get an early tea tonight then and off to bed with you! No Sponge Bob or Star Treck and no sneaking that iPad upstairs! Rest’s what you need young lad as tomorrows going to be a grown-ups day. It’s not going to be one of those schoolboy type debates like that gay marriage stuff.

To be honest, I only put that last bit in so I could recount a bit of old graffiti that spray painted itself into my old addled head this morning. It was spotted, long ago, in a toilet on an inter city train. Someone had written;
“My mother made me a lesbian.”
And below had been added;
“If I gave her the wool, would she make me one?”

Just one thing before you tuck into your beans on toast Dave, and I know it’s asking a lot of an important person like yourself with lots of important stuff to say tomorrow, but you know that ever popular phrase? That phrase for all seasons and all events? That phrase that, as soon as us folk hear it uttered by one of you lot, we burst out laughing? You got it yet? Okay, just for you; could you do me a favour and let us know, at your convenience, how many lessons have been learned recently and in what form those lessons will be utilised in relation to whatever goofy action you’re considering in that shiny fronted, hairy backed head of yours? Thank you very big.

Whoops, and who'd a thought there’d be an ‘H’ in whoops? How weird is that then?... almost forgot. Give this a look while you’re eating your tea. Nothing like Angry Birds is it?

You still there Dave? I was torn between two clips then thought, what the hay - here’s the other. Same tune - different imagery - same horror.

Stop press: From the news, yeah, I know, it sounds like that idea you’d got buzzing in your head that you felt would, like, really trip your trigger, has had the safety slipped back on. For now.

Quote; Friedrich Nietzsche.

“The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.”

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