27 Aug 2013

And Then A Blunt And Rusty Sabre Rattles....

Yo Dave! What’s the plan then? Seems your a tad miffed that some people have killed some other people with chemical weapons. The self same people, by the way, who’s ultimate aim is to drive us back to the stone age - okay, we’ll grant you a slight parallel there, what with your energy policy an’ all.

Over there, far, far away, which side did it, and why, isn’t clear to anyone. Or if it is it hasn’t been communicated to us yet, but never mind, you’ve decided to support the side who’ve, allegedly, been eating their, and by your definition, our ‘enemies’. Seems reasonable I guess.

So the plan is, as many thousands have already been killed, by the use of perfectly acceptable killing stuff, but, to teach someone a lesson for the fact some more have been done down by chemicals, you and your bestest friend ever from over the pond, are seriously considering whizzing off a bunch of missiles which would dramatically add to the list of the dead and maimed.

Someone over there’s killing people so, to teach someone a lesson, we’re going to kill some more? Think about that for a heart beat Dave. Spot the stupidity of the proposed plan? Not sinking in?

Try this then. As you manoeuvre our warship and our bare-backed aircraft carrier round that big computer screen, look Eas... right on the map. No, a bit further than that. See that big country that starts with an ‘R’? Ask a grown-up which side that big country’s on. Whoa!! Not on your side? Bummer. Okay, better ask the same grown-up to put on the screen their available warships, planes, rockets and troops. Wow!! Where’d they all come from? You see how quickly the ‘stupid Idea’ factor’s going up?

Back to your map David. Keep going Ea... right. Got it? Another really, really big country, See it? It starts with ‘C’. What’s that Dave? Well, blow me down with a windmill; they’re on the other side as well? Oh dear. Best if you don’t ask about their military strength young lad. Stupid idea quickly heading off the stupid idea scale now?

See how trying to look like a toughie to the world, a world that’s not the slightest bit interested, could so easily spiral out of control Big ‘D’? Sadly, there’ll be nobody left here to write the history so that won’t be there to judge you by.

Quote; Roger Zelazny.

“Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects.”

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