7 Aug 2013

And Then That Bloomin’ Bongo....

That bastion of impartial broadcasting, the Bongo Bongo Corporation, started off early doors today salivating at the comments made by Mr Bloom and the mauling their ace interviewer was about to hand out to poor Mr Bloom as they ripped the lid from the can.

Sadly, that nice Mr Naughtie seemed to get more than he expected.

What he expected, I’m sure, was a politician who, subjected to his withering wordy fire, would instantly roll over under his relentless rapier like questioning and ask, through heaving sobs of apology, for his tummy to be tickled. What he got was all his slightly sarcastic questions confidently hit for six.

Since that time, and possibly realising they were totally on the wrong foot, you can see how, through the day, the BBC have been slowly easing the lid back on the can so they can quietly move on.

As I’ve cruised through various news outlets this afternoon it would appear that the majority of comments on those sites seem to side with Mr Bloom. Other than the Guardian of course. Over there this morning you could almost smell the spilled lentil soup and hear the slap-slap-slap of sandals as readers raced to register their righteous indignation of, amongst other things, the 'derogatory' term Bongo-Bongo. What, Bongo-Bongo will offend Bongainians? Bongo players? The inhabitants of Bongo Regis? {Go on. Go back and click on the link; it’s not what you think.}

May I humbly suggest to those flip-flop folk that they take a holiday anywhere well south, southeast or southwest of Dover, befriend a local to clue them in to some of the local expressions used jokingly and derogatorily when they see ol’ whitey, then sit at a street cafe and check how often they pick up on those expressions as opposed to the number of times they hear, “Oh, look, a nice white couple; we should invite them round ours for tofu tonight.”

It’s a cruel world for ol’ whitey. As any sleepy lagoon will happily tell you.

Quote; William F. Buckley.

“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

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