5 Aug 2013

And Then A Last Tweet....

Ol’ Foggy’s bowing out of the Twitter wars with this post and I’m only posting this as a lead-up to the tune down below.

I believe a lot of jolly important people chose not to use Twitter for a day - a day? as a protest against the fact some other people don’t like either them or what they Tweet. Thought I to myself, that’ll work. As the day progressed, I wonder who became the more twitchy and irritable? The jolly important people, not being able to communicate, using 140 characters, or the Twitter management sitting round the big boardroom table saying, “Who? And they’re doing what? And we should give a fat rats ass because?”

I hope those jolly important people aren’t too disappointed, upon re-entering the maximum 140 characters, small rectangular world they inhabit, when they discover the same, plus, since their sulky antics, several more folk, still hate them and/or their 140 character chatter.

Okay, that’s me, a none user, all Twittered out. By the way, if you do use it, enjoy it and are big enough to take the odd insult without shedding too many tears or throwing a tantrum at the world, carry on - enjoy.

As for those jolly important people, here’s a song complete with the words, or, if you’re a member of the intelligentsia, the lyrics, although if you are, indeed, a member of the intelligentsia, how’d you end up here buddy?

Where was me. Got ya’. If you send a Tweet I’m assuming the recipient will be the Tweeted thus making the sender the Tweeter, right? Here’s the long awaited song then. Read along and you’ll pick up some parallels to the great Twitter war of August four.

Quote; Dave Barry.

“The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.”


Caratacus said...

Very old fashioned I am - if I want to talk to someone I toddle round to their house and knock on the door, or, if it's further away than an estate-agent's stone throw, I'll give them a call on the mystical telling bone. E-mails are good for saving on the cost of a postage stamp, and if need be (because I belong to a generation who seem to have managed perfectly well without once having engaged with a computer) I will splash out twelve bob for a stamp in order to get a message through ...

It's old Luddites like me who keep the basics going you know, O Yes :-)

Mac said...

My dear chap, I still have my gold nibbed fountain pen. Sadly, I have to admit I haven't owned any ink or proper paper since 1996.
I do believe the young are acquiring some bat-like navigation system as they rarely look up from their rectangular world view but, on the whole, seem to just glide through, round or over all obstacles and never 'bat' an eye. Oh dear me.....