9 Aug 2013

And Then A Play Area....

Did I really see somewhere that some sad soul now wants smoking banned in beer gardens?

Won’t happen? It’ll probably happen within the year now an ‘expert’ wants it banned. Would this be another expert in inflicting unnecessary misery on others? “I’m an expert in being incapable of stopping interfering in everyone else’s life and doing my utmost to minimise anyone's enjoyment.”

How and when did it happen? How and when did it all go so terribly wrong? How and when did ‘banners’ get the upper hand? They’re minority pressure groups and pseudo ‘experts’, right? Where‘s the majority in all this ‘can’t allow that’ stuff? Have the majority given up as they can’t believe there’s anything left to be taken away from them? And then, when the next new, new ban pops up, they’re rendered utterly speechless in amazement ‘till it’s too late again?
A sort of, “Whoa!! Thought they’d got it all. Didn’t see that one coming!!”

So this will obviously, upon becoming ‘law’, make beer gardens yet another ‘no-go’ area for many. What then is left for the good ol’ boys an’ girls who want nothing more complicated in the evening glow of their lives other than to occasionally meet up with their buddies and enjoy a soft summer evening, drinking a couple, eating a little and smoking a few as they reminisce and talk fondly and dreamily of the happy days of yore and the simple pleasures they then enjoyed in what used to be a free and pleasant land.

What to do then, good publican, to keep/attract customers to your beer garden? ‘The Olde Boars Head’ buffet, beer garden and bouncy castle? ‘The Crown’ and it’s really big climbing frame, swing set and specialty sandwiches?

That won’t work will it, as another sad person will crawl out of that dark, damp place where they waste their lives, waiting for the merest hint of a persons pleasure to pass by and rouse them to arms. “There must not be any climbing or bouncing allowed where alcohol is served. Ban it. Good. Next?”

Quote; Johnny Carson.

“I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself.”

  David Hockney.

“There are enough no smoking places now.”

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