10 Aug 2013

And Then A Tad Alarming....

If you are of a strong constitution, please pay a visit to Mr Wards place but be prepared to be depressed. If you’re of a nervous disposition, and I’m not too late, don’t. If you’re of a nervous disposition and think you have money in a bank, double don’t. If you’re of a nervous disposition and think ‘your’ money is guaranteed up to a really big number if trouble arises at the bank, don’t to the power of that really big pretend number.

As a by-the-by, very early today I butted in on a few MP’s comment areas. Obviously the posts I butted into had absolutely nothing to do with Mr Wards article. However, I made my humble apologies, glued in the link to the piece and asked if they would care to make any comment.

Now this may come as a tremendous shock to you so please sit down. Ready? At time of typing, responses there be none. In fact I haven’t even sneaked one past the moderation stage.

Possibly they’re waiting to check with boy Dave as to what they should and should not say to the herd? Okay, I can relate to that and understand it may take a while for the guys an’ gals to get a suitable script as Dave’s busy with that gay thingy again. Let’s be fair, when you’re the Supreme Leader you have to learn to prioritise, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, eventually, and it’s coming up nine days now, an intrepid, truth seeking cub reporter stumbled over the article, read it twice, second time taking in the big words as well, and thought to himself, “You know what? There may be, like, a story here. Oh, is that the time? Maybe tomorrow then.” And where’s that BBC chap, Bobby Peston, when you don’t need him? Yea, I know. But it’d be entertaining watching him spin it.

Basically it seems we could be so far up that creek we’re way past the point the effluent originally joined and any offer of paddles seems pointless.

Quote; Jarod Kintz.

“With all the money my uncle embezzled over the years, it's no surprise he lives in a gated community. But what’s amazing, however, is that he somehow managed to get his own cell.”

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