12 May 2013

And Then, Confused I Be….

Although I admit to being as dumb as a sack o’ hammers when it comes to politics, the more I listen to Dave and George the more even I get confused.  This isn’t helped by our media interviewers one iota.  

Dave says he’s going to get some stuff back from the EU then we can have a vote on how well he’s done. Okay, we know this will never happen, but not one interviewer ever asks what stuff he’s going to ask if we can have back.  For all we know it may just be that pen he left over there at the last meeting – that budget one where he came back declaring that the good kicking he got was, in fact, a resounding victory.

Also, George and Dave are very cross with some big multinationals doing business here and paying minimum tax.  Again, most of us would say well done them big companies and our thieves should learn to be content with all the tax paid by all the local folk those outfits employ.

However, despite being cross they’ve announced substantial tax breaks and various other incentives to some guys if they’ll come here to make the next Star Wars movie.  What’s that all about boys? Who be good and who be bad?  Who be having the force with them then?

Seeing the mess Dave’s making of all he touches, let’s remember his early, not widely publicised, school days.  Progress, it seems, has been minimal.
Quote;  H. L. Mencken.

“There are two kinds of Europeans: The smart ones, and those who stayed behind.”

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