21 Apr 2013

And Then A Little Light….

I was washing the car this morning when my neighbour, the one on the left looking at the houses from the front, stopped, wished me a cheery g'morning and asked what I was doing.  This seemed an odd question considering the hose in my hand doing the squirty thing at my car. 

I decided to answer, in return, oddly.
"Well, as you know, most modern car manufacturers recommend that, if it hasn't rained in the past week, you should water your car to keep it running smoothly, so that's what I'm doing about it right now.  Tell you what though - bet it rains tomorrow, eh?"

I can only guess the time he spent on the Web-a-Net attempting to track down that startling information.

Other than that there are a couple of 'must reads' for you, but I'm guessing you've beaten me to it.  Bishop Hill posting on Mr Lilley showing that there is a politician who can come out both barrels blazing.  A veeeeerrry dim light at the end of that exceptionally long, dark tunnel?  Or the other option of course, how long before he finds himself 'promoted' to the wilderness?

The other is the ever readable Mr Booker.  A snippet snipped and stapled below; {Can't see the staple can ya?}

"Mr Osborne announced that, on top of this, Britain’s electricity companies would, from this month, have to pay an additional “carbon tax”, increasing the cost of emissions to a “floor price” of £16 a ton, rising to £70 by 2030, he assumed that the ETS price would also be racing upwards. So the additional cost of his “carbon tax” would not be very great.
Since then, however, the ETS market has collapsed. Last Tuesday’s vote, just after Mr Osborne’s tax had come into force, sent the price per ton plummeting to a record low of just £2.25, meaning that Britain’s electricity users must now pay far more for “carbon emissions” than anyone else in Europe. And this is a gap due to widen rapidly, to nearly £30 by 2020 and £70 thereafter."

Makes you wonder where all the other journalists are doesn't it?

Finally, or lastly, your choice, from the also ever readable Underdogs Bite Upwards, a tinfoil hat extravaganza.  Or is it?  You decide………

Quote;  Henny Youngman.

"My brother was a lifeguard in a car wash."

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