25 Mar 2013

And Then It’s Just The Same….

If you watched any BBC or listened to the BBC on the wireless, sorry, radio, you’ll have noted with mounting irritation that that guy who looks like he’s had a smack in the puss with a number 9  coal shovel, twice, Sir Professor, or Professor Sir Johnny-boy Beddington has had free reign to scare all Timidadians with the tired old story that the science is irrefutable. We’re going to get periods of heat, periods of cold, periods of flooding and periods of drought.  Got it covered there then John-Bob.  

“May I ask you a question Sir Johnny-boy?  Before you go?  Thanks.  My question is;  Is this new? 
Sorry, one more question.  Any update on that light and dark stuff?  Any change there or steady as she goes; some day light, some dark night over and over again, right?  Whoa!!  Calm down big guy!!  Hay!!  Nurse!!  I need some help over here!!”

“Now now Johnny, if you’re not going to play nice or answer questions, let’s get you back to your room an’ all buckled up for the night.  Yes, yes, your pretend friends can come for a little while.  Cold isn’t it?  Don’t worry, I’m sure some hot will be along soon.  No, let’s leave that banjo out here tonight.”

Quote;  P. J. O’Rourke.

"The college idealists who fill the ranks of the environmental movement seem willing to do absolutely anything to save the biosphere, except take science courses and learn something about it."

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