27 Mar 2013

And Then, Don’t Bank On It….

The Bank of England has told UK banks they need to increase their reserves by twenty five billion pounds by year end. Twenty five billion.  Cool.

Mmmm.  Where the hell are they going to get a chunk o’ change like that then?  Haaaay, wait another pocket-pickin’ minute!  Let’s take another quick look at what just happened in Cyprus.  {Takes a quick look; sits down and says, ‘mmmm’ again.}  Man, is that announcement spooky in  its  timing or wot?

Let’s be serious here, that stuffing the Cypriots just got isn’t going to happen here, to us, is it?  Is it?  Come on, is it?  It’s not is it?  You sure?  You really, really sure?  Bearing in mind once you hand your money to a bank it’s the banks to do with as it pleases – trust me, they don’t keep it out back in a box  with your name on it - give it some thought  and  be prepared  for the possibility of seeing your savings get seriously ‘cyprused’  sometime soon.

Me, myself and I?  The three of us have been looking round for a totally safe haven for the little savings I have left after it’s been decimated by a tad off zero interest rates, inflation, the great green energy  con and quantitty.. quantavit.. quantutat.. quantituti.. that QE thingy.

Having checked out Asian banks, Bitcoins, a waterproof mattress and similar, I’ve decided, the hell with it, let’s just spend it all and enjoy it!! Thus I’m going to risk starting a run on my bank and withdraw all I’ve got and go blow the lot on a new pair of socks. 

As global glowing is stubbornly refusing to put in a showing, they’ll be thermal socks.  But that’s only common sense. 

In other news today, I see ol’ Abracadabra gets to stay here.  How’s that ‘tough on immigration’ speech working out for ya now Dave?  Seems you can’t do nothin’ with nobody, no-how.  Bummer eh?  You still hanging on to the belief you’re in charge here young lad?

Note; take a strong drink and read these two pieces at The Slog  and Zero Hedge.  Happy now?

Quote;  Carter G. Woodson.

“The strongest bank in the United States will last only so long as the people will have sufficient confidence in it to keep their money there.”

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