28 Mar 2013

And Then The Other Foot….

With my money out of the bank and, at time of typing, the bank still functioning, my hot socks purchased and whilst her indoors was browsing the entire contents of the shoe shop, I found I had time, so very much time, on my hands so I took off to likewise brows boys boots.

What did I find?  Not really sure wot I done found.  I’ve had no need to shop for shoes for a long time as I still can’t see through the bottom of the pair I have so I’ve no idea when it became acceptable to sell shoes singly, but it seems to be so.

If I understand the labelling as shown in the picture I grabbed in the shop correctly, one shoe costs £35.  Assuming I needed a pair of shoes, comprising two shoes, one for each foot, if I was to buy a left shoe and a right shoe it’d cost me £70, right?  I haven’t left you behind have I?  Right.

However, checking out the labelling more carefully, if I were to buy two shoes it’d only cost £45.  Seems like a deal.  But…

But what’s not made clear is if the two shoes for £45 has to be two left or two right or if you can mix an’ match – you know, one left and one right.  That’d be good.

I'm sure you can't mix an’ match as I really can’t see them selling many single shoes for £35 a pop if you could, can you?  Or am I missing something here?
Photo0328Thinking this through, no really, and taking this ‘bargain’ to its logical conclusion, buying a left and right at £35 each = £70 for one pair of shoes.  Buying two lefts at £45 and two rights at £45 = £90 therefore you will end up with two pairs of identical shoes for £45 a pair.  That’s it then!!  That's how it works!!  Can I spot an absolutely brilliant bargain or wot?  I also guess it’s only a bargain if you wouldn’t be shy wearing shoes like those.

What it actually is, is a further example, should one be needed, of why I’m rarely allowed out shopping on my own.

Quote;  George Gobel.

“Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?”

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