30 Mar 2013

And Then, It's About Time….

About time this charity game was reversed.  Love it, but please don't forget the old and cold in the UK. 
Thanks in advance Radi-Aid for the assistance I just know is on the way to help our financially decimated, thanks to various political initiatives, old folk here during The Big Shiver.  

Please, please can you also help us with our Cold-Old UK Easter Appeal?  A donation of just $4 a month would help so very much.  

For instance, it could go towards helping to power an old persons one bar electric fire for almost an hour a week, or dress some in brightly coloured cloths for queuing at soup kitchens, or, after the severe winter of gritting, it could help us re-build our depleted stock of those little rubber thingies that go on the end of walking sticks.  

Although we don't do an 'adopt an old un' scheme per se, as by the time you'd get a personalized information pack it'd probably be too late, we do send out a cuddly, incontinent  model of an old person. Actually, the charity managed to get hold of a cheap  job-lot of unwanted ET models……  

Quote;  Joe Restivo.

"Never ask old people how they are if you have anything to do that day."

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