22 Jan 2013

And Then, A New Dimension....

Yo Dave!! Been reading some stuff you’ve said regarding North Africa, and I feel I must point out a couple of things - other than your possible lack of attention during geography classes at school, or you’ve confused the name and are thinking, “North Acrrington? How big a deal can that be then?”

Firstly, it’s a tad sad you where sabre rattling a couple of days before we see mass redundancies for the armed forces announced. That ol’ timing thingy again Dave? Bummer.

Secondly, if, over in your dimension, you’re even remotely contemplating a plan to 'invade' North Africa, not North Acrrington, to chase gangsters, please pop over to our dimension and get a guy to buy you an atlas.

See that big lump o’ land with ‘Africa’ written on it? Got it? See the top part with the big sticky-out bit? That’s North Africa. See it? Bet it’s bigger than ya thought eh David? Let’s hope that realisation, if it sinks in, gives you pause for thought back in your dimension, you little rascal. As an irritating aside, it also belongs to someone else.

Dave, it’s also worth remembering, while you move your imaginary troops round your imaginary dimension with your imaginary friends, that we have our very own naughty, allegedly, guys over here, remember? Remember the guy with a hook an’ ol’ whats-is-name, Abracadabra? You actually know where they are and there’s nothing you can do about it yet you’re contemplating galloping all over North Africa looking for more? That’d seem to be taking Hide an’ Seek to a whole new level ol’ buddy.

And in the unlikely event a few are caught - what then? Send ‘em somewhere else? Where?  Birmingham? Manchester? What to do, what to do.

Doesn’t bode well for your preparation for the big talky thing about the EU tomorrow does it?

Quote; Bertrand Russell.

“War does not determine who is right - only who is left.”

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