26 Jan 2013

And Then I Swiped....

Where have I been? I’ve been trying to digest boy Cameron's speeches. Sadly, the words were a tad too tangly for my digestive system and, as a consequence, I’ve been sick for a few days. Not sick with it, just sick of it.

Sorry about this but while sat sitting and exploring Windows 8, I realised I hadn’t tried that ol’ Bluetooth thingy. Where did they ever get the name Bluetooth from? There you go. If you didn’t know, now you do.

The stuff typed below will probably be boring to you cleaver, know all this stuff folk, but to me it was another voyage of discovery.

Anyhoo, let’s pair the Nexu 7, hereafter known as 7, with the Windows 8 laptop, hereafter known as 8 for simplicity of typing an’ that.

First off that pairing and guessing mystery number sequences annoyance. This could be the reason I’ve been putting it off by the way. But, lo and behold, wonder of wonders!! A number popped up on 7 and 8. All I had to do was confirm the numbers where the same and, Roberts your mothers brother, we have pairing!! Is that good or wot?

Here we go then; let’s transfer a file from 8 to 7 - an E-book if you’re interested. If you’re not interested, skip the last bit.

Find him on 8, right click him, then clicky Bluetooth, and there he be!! Mr 7. What now? Send, right? 7 says, ‘Incoming’ - 8 says, ‘Nothing happening this end Buddy.’ Then 7 says, ‘Fail. Transfer cancelled by the user.’ Now I guessed the user to be me, and I hadn’t.

Man, are these things glued together just to drive you nuts or wot?  

I stumbled around for a while, then, by accident, happened to swipe down, as us tablet fellows are wont to say, from the top left of Mr 7. Guess wot - wot? You know what’s coming? Oh well. For me then; wot came down was a come down Bluetooth menu and, to use a phrase that’s on the tip of all teenagers tongs today, if you’re not, like, totally dexterous of hand and inventive of mind, you really need this drop-down menu dropped down before you start any Bluetoothing.

Okay, here we go; start the transfer from 8 and the previously hidden, unknown to me menu on 7 politely asks if I’d like to accept the transfer. Yup, you’ve guessed it, touch ‘Accept’. Works like a dream - and fast. It would’ve been whole hell of a lot faster if there’d been a little clue regarding tucked-up so make me drop-down menus.

Then I got to thinking, could this work with our leader? Are there hidden menus of delights, as yet unknown, tucked up inside young David? Who knows, but it could be worth a try, so if you find yourself in range of the boy sometime, just swipe, from the top down - and this is the important part - really, really hard.

Quote; Sean Maloney.

“802.11 has won. Bluetooth is in full retreat from Moscow at the moment.”

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