21 Jan 2013

And Then It's Done....

Okay, the last computer complexity has been resolved. This was the simple, to most, task of configuring my e-mail software.

Why so hard? Well, as I used to be all over the place and still occasionally am, my UK internet providers SMTP wouldn’t play nice when I was far, far, far away. Receive, cool, send uncool.

And, as I’m not a lover of Web based mail stuff, I had to figure out what to do. I’m sure you all know what I did. I set up Gmail as my SMTP server with the return set to my IP e-mail address. How cleaver is that? Well, okay. I thought it was pretty damn cool. Using this method also neatly bypasses my IP provider getting to store my mail as I’m sure Google wouldn’t do stuff like that. They what? Oh.

Anyhoo, struggling to remember all those pesky settings was the hurdle I finally managed to jump.  Well, stumble over.

I must stress that this protracted set-up time was absolutely nothing to do with Windows 8 but absolutely everything to do with Foggy 66.

Quote; Scott Adams.

“I get mail: therefore I am.”

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