20 Jan 2013

And Then It's A Tale With 'F'....

Where have I been? I’ve been fiddling with this Windows 8 stuff and fine tuning him. You’ll be delighted to know I’m almost there. I have to say, again, Google came to the rescue with so many niggly little niggling thingies. The niggles I unfortunately couldn’t figure for myself through any further furious fiddling.

As so many have said before, if you use Windows and it’s got Vista or a 7 in front, I wouldn’t upgrade. But when you come to renew your kit, and it comes loaded with number 8, fear not - you’ll hate it, then, after a week or so, you’ll like it. Love it? You’re kidding - it’s software for heavens sake!

The little laptop? She be cool. Again, just needs a little getting used to as the track pad is about the size of a helipad and operates the same as the touch screen - using gestures don’t ya know. One finger, two fingers, tap, tap-tap, one finger scroll, two finger swipe, tap - hold - drag fingers to change other stuff. Does that sound exciting or wot?

Again, once you have this finger feature fully figured out it’s fine.

finally, for the past week, I don’t think my feet have been further from the fire than a foot.  Okay, maybe five, but infrequently.

Quote; Sydney J. Harris.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

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