17 Jan 2013

And Then It's Getting Exciting....

I guess you’re all waiting for young Cameron to deliver his really grown-up speech about Europe tomorrow, right? Dave, I do hope your ‘air speeching’ in front of the mirror with a couple of friends listening in. You doing that Dave? Good lad. In that case you may get it right. Not right regarding what the people you’re supposed to be looking after would call right, but right as to what’s whizzing round in your own little head.

Anyhoo, I hope that excitement is keeping you warm. As cold as it is, there’s always a bright side. Think how cold it’d be if we didn’t have global warming eh? Windmills doing that twirly-whirly thingy round your way? Round here, as usual, very cold weather is accompanied by a total lack of wind.

Never mind, the windmill guys will just send out those bills anyway. 

“Tell you what Miss Miller, add a note along the lines of; Minister, as you know our windmills are designed to produce electricity under an optimal wind speed.  I must remind you that, unfortunately, zero to five MPH isn’t it, therefore, no electrickery made. However, under the terms of our agreement, please find attached our bill for not making anything. With thanks to the retard, responsible person in government who signed that contract. A contract us in the business community tend to term, a doozy. Thanks a bundle. And I use the word ‘bundle’ in its monetary meaning.”

Quote; John Florio.

Wisdom sails with wind and time”

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