14 Jan 2013

And Then A Bit More Apping....

Another cool thing with Windows 8 is, although this is a laptop, you can run apps!! I mean, wow!! Apps on a laptop!!

Let’s see what there is through this Apps Store looking app.

Whoa! A Google thingy. Gotta try that. Oh man, so cool. All you have to do is click on the icon, type in your search and that’s it. All together now; wow!! Absolutely brilliant. Now I don’t have to click on the browser icon and type in my sear........ Oh.

That can go then.

What else have we got. Hay, look at this!! Click on this baby and it tells you exactly what the weather’s like right where you are. Amazing. How cleaver is that then? How else could I find out eh? Look out the wind....... oh. Delete.

Oooooookkkkaay, moving right along, there’s the obligatory, ‘How To Tie A Tie’ title, that Facebook stuff, what ever that’s all about, the other thingy that only lets you use six words, whatch-am-a-call-it, Stutter? Lots of note takers and games. There’s always Solitaire.....

That’s that then.

TV news? A note to the editors - this is England - it’s winter - it snows. Got that? Honestly, we don’t need twenty something Brendon in Bradford, Natalie in Newcastle or Nicky in North Yorkshire standing in an inch of snow prattling rubbish like, “If it keeps snowing it’s going to get much deeper!!” and, “If it freezes tonight, this snow will get really, really hard and slippery!!” and, “When this snow thaws it’ll add to the water already in the water-logged ground!!” Gimme strength. Please, it’s asking a lot I know, but could we have news?

As for the Met Office, it looks suspiciously like Mystic Meg has a better success rate...

Quote; Scott Adams.

“There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved through a suitable application of high explosives.

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