4 Jan 2013

And Then I Surmise….

I read this earlier and if you haven’t, take a look.  Another one of those moments for young Dave to think, “Damn!!  Did I really say that?”  You’ll love the comments.  Hay!  Dave!!  You love the comments?  Oh, Dave, don’t forget to answer this letter before you settle down to watch TV this evening.

I seem to remember, back about a hundred years, working with a guy in the North Sea, well, on the North Sea actually, who’s wife made a bundle working for one of the big oil companies.  I won’t name the company, but the name started with a big ‘B’ and ended, not long after that, with a big ‘P’.

Anyhoo, the job involved, and remember this was way before cleaver techy stuff, even before pocket calculators, going through every daily and weekly newspaper, selected magazines… what?  No, not Hello - and clipping out every reference to the oil industry.  These were pasted into books, in chronological order, and sent by courier to  the oil companies head  office in London every mid week.  I seem to remember, as techy stuff evolved, this came to include recording any TV news references to video tape.

Now, in this high tech age we find ourselves in, I’m assuming our leaders have some sort of sniffer software, or a guy or guyess, searching the web-a-net for every reference of their name.  Then again, I don’t think they have ‘couse, for instance, if Dave did he should’ve got so embarrassed, a long time ago, he’d of said to someone, “You know what?  I’m absolutely useless at this job and have no idea what I’m doing.  I may try again when I grow up, but for now, I quit and I’m going home.  I’ll send someone round later for my toys.”

Quote;  Plato.

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

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