5 Jan 2013

And Then Doors Close….

While watching a court room drama{?} on TV last something or other, there was a scene where the boss guy, sitting at his desk, said to another guy, standing, “Close the door and I’ll tell you a secret.” or similar.  This simple sentence sent my head on yet another whirlwind visit to the past.

To a time when I was standing in the Company Mans office discussing rig stuff when the talk turned to company related rumours.  The Company Man, after mulling various points of our conversation, stated there was only one way to find the definitive answer.  “Tell you what, I’m going to call the boss in town and see exactly what the story is.  Close the door.”

This set my little heart all a-flutter as I realised I would be first in the know and in the wonderful position to gravitate round the rig stopping anyone and everyone and whispering, as you do, “I gotta tell you this, but don’t breath a word to anyone………” 

With the door closed, and mustering my best serious and concerned look, I turned back to the Company Mans desk.  He had the phone in his hand but, on looking up, replaced it in the cradle.

“Two points buddy.”  he said, “First point, the door closing? That was perfect – absolutely spot on.”
”Ooookaaay.” I said, a tad disconcerted.  “And the second point?”
”The second point is, you’re on the wrong side of the closed door.”
”Errrr.  Sorry?  I thought you…. Oh, you mean you want me to, er, to go?  I’m supposed to go then?  Is that what you want?”
”Yup, that I do.”
”Right, I’ll, er, I’ll……. right I’ll go then.”
Playing for time and a possible change of heart, I cleverly responded, ”Right.”
”Today would be good.” was his cutting rejoinder.
”Damn!!”  I muttered, or a word to that effect, wonderingly, on  the wrong side of the door.  What a blue do.

Irritatingly, a couple of days later, someone sidled up to me on deck, eyes all a-twinkle, and said, “I’ve gotta tell you this, but don’t breath a word to anyone………”

Quote;  Chinese Proverb.

“What is told in the ear of a man is often heard a hundred miles away.”

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