17 Oct 2012

And Then Something Very Big….

If you haven’t already, this is interesting stuff.

A 1.5-petaflop super-computer eh?  What’s a petaflop then?  I’m guessing BIG.  Assuming it is big, shouldn’t it start with a big ‘P’?

It seems a tad ironic that a computer built at heavens knows what cost, to ‘fight’ global warming, that needs it’s own coal mine and power station to run, that will pump out more of that pesky Co2 stuff than a dedicated Co2 pumper-outer factory ever could, is opened the same time it’s announced there’s been no warming for the past sixteen years.

I’m no expert on super-computers but I was wondering what operating system this beast runs under.  Android?  Unlikely, if for no other reason than to avoid the embarrassment of the Head Super-computer Driver having to say, when questioned at dinner parties, “What’s that beauty running under buddy?”
“We kicked off running Ice Cream but we’ve just up-graded to Jelly Bean and so far it seems, like, way cool.  Right now, a couple of guys are scouring Google for the best climate change App. A free one would be good.”
”Riiiiiigt.  Could you pass the ketchup?”

Okay, not Android then. Windows?  If so, and it had been me buying that baby, considering the vast expense, I’d a waited a while to see what Windows 8 had to offer……

Whatever, I guarantee, no later than week two from opening, someone’ll be caught playing Solitaire at his terminal.

A final point; for anyone considering breaking in to rip the data out o’ that sucker, you’re going to need a really, really big thumb drive.

Quote;  ??

“Two men were examining the output of the new computer in their department. After an hour or so of analysing the data, one of them remarked: ‘Do you realize it would take 400 men at least 250 years to make a mistake this big ?’.”

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