15 Oct 2012

And Then Scotland Gets A Vote….

Yo Dave!  How’s it goin’ up in Scotland?  Good?  Good.

According to the news you’ve agreed to let them up there have a vote on their independence.  And why not, if a votes  what they want.  Seems fair.  Good boy.

Dave, with that sorted, please cast your mind back to wot you told us folk a couple of years ago when you really, really wanted to get our vote to get your hands on the top job.  Remember?  That annoying promise of an EU IN/OUT vote thingy?  Now you remember?  Okay, good.

While you’re in the mood for giving people the freedom to vote for independence, can we now have that promised one relating to our independence from the EU?  Dave!!  Hay, David, over here!!  Please try to focus, just for a minute.

I can relate to your personal feelings and your view that you’re convinced the country is far better off in the Union than out.  That’s your view David, and obviously that of your handlers.  Problem is, it’s not everyone’s view.

Dave, let’s have a vote and we could all express our view.  With your view all you’d have to do on voting day is put your tick in the little box marked IN.  Get it?  A lot of other people will put their tick in the IN box and a lot of other people will put their tick in the OUT box. 
{Note; Dave, if we do indeed get an IN/OUT vote there’ll obviously be months of contrary views being presented by a thousand talking heads so it may be an idea to have a third ticky box marked, space permitting, I Have Absolutely No Idea What They’re Talking About.}

Now this is the ticker-kicker.  What happens next Dave, is some people will put all the IN tick papers in a pile, yup, yours will be in there, only one each, you little rascal, and all the OUT tick papers in another.  Then some other people, preferably with ‘A’ Level maths, will count each pile and the pile with the most papers is declared the winner.  Remember, you can only have one go at this so if your IN pile ends up smaller than the OUT pile, you’ll just have to learn to live with it.  Of course that works vicky vercky also, as well.

Now, is that, like, so cool or wot Dave?  Come on, give it a go!! 

Quote;  David Korten.

“The EU will face problems similar to the US: an increasing gap between the citizens and decision makers in Brussels and a perceived or even real lack of democracy.”

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