5 Oct 2012

And Then Some Training….

I don’t do this stuff much but I had to vent a bit about this.

I just caught an interview clip with that nice Mr Cameron relating to jobs in Lincolnshire going to immigrants rather than our home grown unemployed. 

Camer’on an’ on, an’ on stated it was totally wrong that immigrants should be allowed to come over here and take jobs that should be going to our own out o’ work folk.  Nothing wrong with immigrants mind, but they just shouldn’t take ‘our’ jobs.

And that’s why we need to invest more in education and further training to ensure our boys and girls are best qualified and able to take all these jobs ahead of immigrants. 

And the jobs in question?  Down on Lincolnshire farms, potato picking and turnip topping. Gimme more strength.

Yo! Dave!  Later, did you have another one of those, ‘Oh, man!!  What did I just say?’ moments?  No?  Then there truly is no hope.

He summed up by stating that green jobs would be the areas, indeed the Worlds, salvation.  Following this to its logical conclusion, if green does indeed become a salvation in this area, it’s obvious all the hard working Eastern Europeans will grab those jobs.  And the farm jobs thus vacated?  I guess the potatoes and turnips will stay in the ground.

Stop Press; See the news?  Utility prices going up and we're almost assured of power cuts in the not too distant future.  Well Dave, that green salvation thingy better be pulling its boots on right now.  On the plus side, no electrickery, no BBC, no blood pressure.

Lastly, I do hope the quote below is a joke but as time goes by one has to wonder…

Quote;  John Alejandro King.

"If you're not scared or angry at the thought of a human brain being controlled remotely, then it could be this prototype of mine is finally starting to work."

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