4 Oct 2012

And Then A Little App Update….

I found an App – that’s an application to you non-tech types  – that turns my tablet into a compass!!  Man, how cool is that then?  Yup, you’re right.  

After three days it became absolutely obvious, and somewhat of a relief, to discover that the houses heading wasn’t appreciably changing.  I say ‘appreciably’ but I firmly believe the slight house heading drift from East to West, and back again, is more to do with the unreliability of the compass App rather than any actual movement in the house.  To confirm this, I’m looking for a confirmation compass App. 

“Hang on to the sofa girl; looks like the house’s moving left a little bit again.”
”Turn machine off and watch TV.  Please.” and then, very, very quietly,”Stupid Apps.  Stupid man.”

During this time I was also able to confirm the directional rising and setting of the sun.  It still seems to be popping up East’ish, then sailing all the way over the top to pop down West’ish.  So no immediate problems worthy of note there.

What to do after checking all that stuff?  You got it. Hit ol’ Mr Delete. 

Stop Press; Just found an App that turns the thingy into a metal detector!  I'm truly excited!!

Quote;  A Little Nest of Vipers.

“Stupid Apps.  Stupid man.”

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