2 Oct 2012

And Then It's All Stopped....

The TV’s helpfully telling me it’s now October. Confusingly, it’s also telling me it’s Stoptober. Wishing to clear up this confusion, and after a little research, I discovered it’s a very cleaver play-on-words to signify it’s stop smoking month. How about that then? Seems like it was only last year it was stop smoking day. Didn’t that work then?

This voluntary stop smoking month – it is voluntary, right? is, apparently, an NHS, and by definition I guess, a government initiative. Here’s stupid ol’ me thinking we, as a country, were bust and the NHS wasn't worth a carrot. That can’t be right can it as I’m fairly sure Stoptober didn’t materialize completely free of charge.

Where did it come from? Did some kid from the learning difficulties class sneak it past the boys and girls of the Lower Sixth? What’s wrong with all these children?

Tell you what Dave, here’s an initiative for you lot in the bubble to mull over. This one will last for ever, not just a month, and won’t cost us a red cent. In fact, over an incredibly short period of time, will save us all sacks o’ cash. Very big sacks I’m talking about.

What to call this initiative really is a no brainer as far as I can see. Try this, “Let’s Get The Hell Out Of Everyone’s Lives.”

Tell you what Mr Relentlessly Cameron, an’ on, an’ on, an’ on, I’d buy the ‘T’ shirt. See? Added income! Bet it’d help that other gooney initiative you’ve got, that watch-a-ma-call-it, that ‘Feel Good Factor’ thingy. You know what? That’d go through the roof old boy!! Win, win! Too easy to even contemplate I guess.

Quote; Johnny Carson.

“I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself.”

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