8 Oct 2012

And Then I Worked With A Guy….

I like this.  Actually, I like just about almost all of his stuff.

And here’s a true Van Morrison story for ya. 

A long, long time ago, I worked with an Irish guy, shall we call him Paddy? who hailed from Dublin.  Aside from this tale, he’s best remembered for picking up on a piece in the local newspaper stating there were two hundred jobs in jeopardy.  As we were crew changing through Great Yarmouth at the time, his question was, where exactly was jeopardy and on crew change day would he have time to get there, check out the vacancies and get back before his train left.
Anyhoo, back to Van ‘the Man’, or Van ‘just a regular guy’.

Just a regular guy?  Yes he is, never mind his ‘celeb’ status.  I can vouch for this thus; over coffee one day we were discussing Van Morrison and his music when Paddy mentioned how Van Morrison was really just a regular type o’ guy.  He told us he knew this as he’d a very good friend back in Dublin, where Van Morrison lived, who had an uncle who’s cousin had once met a man who told him that one of his fathers brothers was married to a lady who’s father-in-law knew a guy who’d spoken briefly with a stranger in a pub in Belfast who swore on the First Book of Pinocchio that, truly, he used to be a newspaper vendor in Dublin and that Van Morrison, despite his fame and fortune, walked down to his local pub in the centre of Dublin, buying a newspaper on the way, every day, in his old coat and trade-mark floppy hat and have a couple of brews while reading his paper.

As that story gave me a link, somewhat tenuously I have to admit, to a star, I felt just about justified in putting myself at the top of this. ‘I met a man once who…..’ story tree.

Paddy?  Possibly still looking for jeopardy.

Quote;  Van Morrison.

“There's always got to be a struggle. What else is there? That's what life is made of. I don't know anything else. If there is, tell me about it.”

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