12 Aug 2012

And Then It Gets Unbelievable….

Read this and weep, yet again.

Yo!! Dave!! Now the Olympifest's over, any chance of you getting a grip, with the same enthusiasm, of this game? Come on, please, it's getting silly now. Really silly.

See who's on this decision making committee Dave? See any conflicting interests there? Is this legal? How can it be legal. If it is legal, try ethical. Is it ethical? How's them apples David? Oh, sorry, your family get a tad of rent from these twirly whirly thingies, right? Any wonder you're all despised?

Love the comment from Fenbeagle quoted below, with apologies;

Wind Follies...Futile, ineffective, dysfunctional, absurd, obscene, ineffectual, useless, foolish, ridiculous, meaningless, irrational, purposeless, corrupting, environment damaging, industrial, divisive, raptor shredding, bat destroying, sleep disturbing, ice throwing, light flickering, blade throwing, inflammatory, heritage destroying, countryside trashing, polluting, diesel burning, economy ruining, landscape dominating, fuel poverty creating, wealth redistributing, pile driving, community splitting, home devaluing, industry destroying, senseless, obsolete, pointless, nonsensical, crazy, immoderate, unreasonable, insignificant. concrete spreading, land consuming, grid destabilizing, greed encouraging aesthetically challenged, over bearing, over proliferate, unimaginative, mindless, intermittent, wind breakers.

Get the message lower sixth? Of course not.....

Quote; Franz Liszt.

"I find little in the works of Beethoven, Berlioz, Wagner and others when they are led by a conductor who functions like a windmill."

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