13 Aug 2012

And Then It Ended….

It's over. Congratulations to all those who took part and a bonus pat on the back for the medal winners. Other bonuses will be along shortly.

We mustn't forget all those volunteers who voluntarily volunteered to do stuff by volunteering to be a volunteer. May I volunteer my congratulations to y'all.

Seems the head prefect of the lower sixth's all up for this volunteering thing and wants us all to volunteer to do stuff. Sounds cool to me. Volunteer to help other volunteers build a house today and tomorrow, oh, I don't know, volunteer to glue a Toyota together? That'll work, and as a bonus, do away with the need for all that paying of wages hassle. Perfect.

Wanted; 15 volunteers for night shift at packaging works.

Wanted; 450 volunteers required for nuclear power plant construction.

Just one point, please; The Olympifest, it's over. Looks like the TV and radio people are most reluctant to let go of it, as are the boys and girls of the lower sixth. It was good, okay? Come on boys and girls, it's been milked bone dry, let it go. Lower sixth? Get on with proper stuff, you know, what to tax next, what to ban next, what to plain package next, where to stick the next windmill, that sort of stuff. It's over. It's gone. Move on.

While her indoors was channel surfing last night, carefully avoiding the Olympifest closing singy-songy jamboree, my attention was grabbed by a bit of music which I found hauntingly hypnotic. Or to put it another way, hypnotically haunting.

The related movie, it transpired, was a horror story about cannibalism, which, it may surprise you to learn, is still practiced in more remote, less enlightened areas. Remote, inhospitable, inaccessible areas such as the far, far north of Yorkshire.

In fact it's a practice that could see a wide resurgence if the 'scare industry' keeps cranking up the latest scary scare. Food shortages imminent!! Shouts the head of the 'Next Scary Thing' department. Drought, flood, too hot, too cold, world wide failing harvests, spiralling prices and what little farm land we have been given over to grow stuff to produce biofool rather than food. Are you ready for the unavoidable spiralling cost of food part of this?

Anyhoo, see if you find this as hypnotically haunting as wot I done did. It's a little bit plinky-plinky for the first thirty seconds, grit your teeth, stick with it and it gets strangely, hauntingly hypnotic.
Note; if you don't like piano accordions, even hypnotically haunting ones, you may want to jump straight to the quote and then move on.

Quote; Ambrose Bierce.

CANNIBAL, n. A gastronome of the old school who preserves the simple tastes and adheres to the natural diet of the pre-pork period.”

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