15 Aug 2012

And Then A Special Treat….

Me and her, or, her and I, or me, where walking round one of they shopping centres yesterday when her indoors pointed to a girl shop and said she wanted to get some nail varnish. Knowing that choosing the colour would take some time, I told her to go ahead and I'd go and find a boys shop for shelter and we'd meet later in the coffee shop over there. "No, that's a shoe shop. Over there. That's the coffee shop."

With arrangements duly made to meet at the coffee shop later in the week, I went in search of a boys shop. Just to brows you understand.

The boys shop I wandered into was a computer type store. Man, there's so much stuff I never knew I didn't need!

Eventually my leisurely perambulations brought me to the tablet display. You can imagine my delight at seeing the beast I bought, what, a month ago? was now fifteen percent cheaper.

There was another elderly gentleman perusing the tablet display and he remarked how confusing the choice was and how it got totally bewildering once the various specifications were studied.

I could only agree and explained my recent experience with the added observation that, irrespective of what's purchased, it'll be superseded by a new, shinier, lower priced model the day after the final date on the stores returns policy document.

"Sod it. That's enough looking. I'm just going to buy one. The shiniest, most expensive one." said my new, temporary best friend.

He went on to elaborate on this thus, "My wife's been in hospital for a few days and is being discharged later today, all hale and hearty, and I thought I'd give her a surprise for her home coming so, as a special treat, I'm buying her something I want."

Unlike the other day, it was now my turn to leave my new, almost forgotten best friend and wend my way chuckling.

Quote; Franklin P. Jones.

"A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist."

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