18 Aug 2012

And Then Some Apps….

Further to me getting one of they seven inch tablets, and browsing the computer store tablet display the other day with my new best, now completely forgotten, friend, I made enquiries regarding the stock of that, much lighter than wot I got a day before this one was launched, Nexus 7 looking thingy.

I was informed it's been flying off the shelves and it was out of stock with no idea when it'll be available again. They checked for availability in other stores throughout the land and were happy to report a total sell-out.

The kicker? They could home deliver one within four working days for an added delivery charge of five Pounds. Say what? What's that all about then?

Anyhoo, once home, I decided to explore this App stuff and see just what it's all about. I've 'been there' but only to get an e-book reader. I've gotta say, again, that that little fellow works very well indeed.

Off to the App shop then. Whoa!! There are thousands of the suckers!! I spent a happy afternoon downloading Apps wot took my fancy and promised to deliver so much. Then I spent the evening deleting them as they delivered everything between so little and nothing. All, that is, except a note taker/keeper. Really, I need an App that turns the thing into a flashlight? To locate London's best coffee? The correct way to tie a tie or a scarf?

There are reviews relating to the Apps on offer and some are quite revealing relating to the 'I want it NOW!' times we live in.

My favourite, amongst many favourites, was a comment below a little genealogy jobby;

This sucks no tree showed up. It sent me to make my own. HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSE TO NOW ALL THIS HISTORY!?!?!?

If it's not a joke I guess we should despair.

I must be of an age when I just can't see the point of these little rascals, a lot of which just seem to be short cuts to web-a-net sites. Even the note taker presents the problem of getting stuff into it. Holding the tablet with one hand and typing/jabbing a picture of a keyboard with one finger. Alternatively, holding the tablet with both paws and using two thumbs. Doing either just seemed to produce utter gibberish and almost had the internal spell checker on melt down.

Basically, I'm back where I wuzz. For me, great for book reading. For anything else constructive, useful or interesting? Can't see it. Guess I'll just have to accept the fact I'm well past that ol' 'Best By' date for trivial technology.

Quote; Mitch Ratcliffe.

“Computers have enabled people to make more mistakes faster than almost any invention in history, with the possible exception of tequila and hand guns.”

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