10 Aug 2012

And Then Wot I Be Reading….

This is for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than it made me laugh and has kept me smiling all day.

Some may assume it doesn't take much to make me laugh; others may join in. Hope you're a joiner inner.

Just a couple of lines from Wicked Prey by John Sandford;

"If that Flowers was here we could split up, two and two," Jenkins said.
"He's coming, but he was way the hell out in Bigelow," Lucas said.
"Where's that?"
"I don't know, but it's way the hell out."

See? So simple, and I'm still smiling…

Apparently, there's also been one of those poll thingies up north about giving the people a referendum relating to having an in/out of the EU referendum jobby. Seems, of those that voted, the majority do want an in/out vote.

Head boy David Cameraman's response when presented with this news? "So, it seems a majority of the people, people I allegedly represent, want a vote to decide if we stay in, or leave the EU. And I should give a damn about what they want because?"

Quote; Mary Schmich.

“Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.”

Lily Tomlin.

“If you read a lot of books you are considered well read. But if you watch a lot of TV, you're not considered well viewed.”

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