9 Aug 2012

And Then An Accident….

Today we were perusing the shelves of one of our up-market supermarkets by way of a change. What did I notice? The prices are up there aren't they? Why? I mean a cabbage is a cabbage is it not? Never mind the quality{?} even with super preparation, at the end of the day it tastes like cabbage, right?

What is obvious is the type of shopper; In the main, comfortably off and elderly who could never envisage saying to their friends, 'We just popped into Aldis for a cabbage don't you know.' Or, 'Whilst purchasing a cabbage at Asda, we chanced to meet a charming young lady and her five delightful multi-coloured children who was kind enough to explain the finer points of facial piercings to us.'

Not going to happen is it? So, there we were, walking down the main ally of this posh market when the elderly couple just inches in front of us caused an accident.

The husband, looking remarkably as if he'd recently been pecked by a hen, was pushing the trolley while wife consulted her shopping list loudly. Suddenly, wife, in a commanding voice said, "No, no. Go back! You should know I need to go down that isle! There, there! That one!!"

Husband, panicked, made a sharp left with the trolley, not really knowing where he was going. This panicky sharp left resulted in the trolley running over my foot.
"Ouch!" said I, for the trolley was fully.
"So very sorry." said husband.
"My fault. Shouldn't have a foot on that side" said me, looking like I was taking part in the third round of the Olympifest, Hopping Unaided for the Elderly.
"Stupid man." tutted wife.
Husband and I exchange looks in an attempt to ascertain which
of us was being designated stupid.

As a parting shot I mentioned to the lady, "You need to give that husband of yours a jolly good talking to. It seems he didn't pick up which isle you needed to travel along so it's obvious he's switched his telepathic setting to 'Standby'."
And off they went, her muttering about the sort of person one sees whilst shopping these days, and him chuckling happily.

Quote; Will Smith.

"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like."

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