8 Aug 2012

And Then A Penny Drops….

While sitting in the doctors waiting room the other day…… no, no. Just waiting for my yearly check-up and oil change, the result of which would suggest I have at least another year, I noticed a big old sign stuck on the wall relating to smoking. No cause for falling down backwards in amazement at that then. On closer inspection I did find it quite interesting.

In a shell, from which a nut had recently been extracted, it stated that, if you smoke, be careful where you buy cigarettes as there are, apparently, bad people out there supplying really cheap smokes of dubious origins that could be jolly bad for you. Who'd a thunk that then? Guess what, still not falling anywhere in amazement.

See? They try to ban something on health grounds and they create a health problem. This, again, may surprise the boys and girls of the lower sixth, but will come as absolutely no surprise to the majority of grownups.

Try to ban or demonize something that many people enjoy, whatever it may be, and you can pretty well bet the bank, preferably one with a little real money in it, on someone popping up with an attractively priced, although oft times dubious, alternative. Remember the exploding vodka garage? We aint quite got the hang of that moonshine game, but it'll get better. And healthier?

What next? The dodgy salt supplier? The shady sugar seller? The fraudulent fat guy? And for the kids the, 'It's not proper pop' peddlers?

Those who purport to be 'in charge' of stuff really do need to get out more. Have they never watched a gangster movie? Did the old saying containing the words 'action' and 'reaction' whizz over their heads?

Sorry about the quote below as I'm sure I've 'used' it before but it fits with the health check, and, if you're new here, what the hay, who reads a Blog backwards?


Interviewer; "Woody, what would you like people to be saying about you in a hundred years?"
Woody Allen; "I'd like them to be saying, 'Gee, you look great for you age!'"

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