11 Jul 2012

And Then A Bit More Pass Stuff….

Isn't life wonderfully, mystically, magical sometimes? Remember yesterday that MP wot wanted to means test us old age pensioners? Today, that nice young lad Cameroid told the world that this is not going to happen. Our bus passes are safe then.

But. But then we get this line of thought……

Then this also came to light, copied from Guido, but linked backwards to him so I'm not a bad lad am I? Whoa!! Linked forwards the way as well.

The European Court of Justice has ruled that retired Eurocrats including the yacht-loving Lord Mandelson will be allowed to dodge tax on a huge scale. Brussels pensions are exempt from national taxes, meaning that the likes of Mandelson and Neil Kinnock only have to cough up 8% on their five-figure taxpayer-funded EU income. Am guessing the Euro-Judges will benefit from their ruling too. The decision to permit an official tax avoidance scheme for former EU officials comes as Brussels cracks down on tax dodging across the continent.

I'm starting to understand where young Cameroid got that now famous, infamous? phrase from now. I imagine Matron had been reading to boy Cameron at bed time and a line stuck in the little guys head. After excitedly waiting for just the right time, he chose to cleverly, in his mind, use it;
"We're all in this together." Didn't really ring true with us did it?
If he'd only completed the parody thus, "We're all in this together, but some are in it far deeper than others." we could all have enjoyed the loud ringing of truth.

Quote; Patrick Moore.

"At my age I do what Mark Twain did. I get my daily paper, look at the obituaries page and if I'm not there I carry on as usual."

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