3 Jun 2012

And Then The Rain….

I've just had a lovely early evening meal of lightly poached eggs and soft bread and butter, crusts removed. Man, it's ages and ages since I've had that for an evening meal. Oh, hang on. Not ages. In fact this time yesterday. I'd really love something to eat I could get my teeth into. Wait a minute, that's not going to work. Damn.

Let this be a lesson to anyone out there younger than me… sorry? That's just about everyone? Damn. Anyhoo, take care of your teeth. Sadly, a lot of the places I used to be, a visit to the dentist for a check-up comprised, A) Part with much money and if a problem was found, B) lean back, open your mouth and have a small sack of chicken bones shaken over your mouth while the dentist sang some strange chanty type song. Spookily, on occasion, this worked. When I left the UK and started working overseas, far, far away, the dental care improved tremendously.

Looking out the window at the global warming falling relentlessly out of a leaden sky and a frost forecast for tonight, you have to feel sorry for all the folk who've organized street or garden jubilee parties don't you? Hay, come on, don't you?

I did catch a bit on TV of a bunch of boats floating along that big river down south and all the people toughing it out to watch. Good on 'em. But you have to ask how bright they all are to be just standing in the rain all afternoon watching boats bob by.

Where is this global warming when people need it? Barbeque summers? Retreating glaciers? No polar ice caps? No more snow? Polar bears begging on our city streets for the price of a bottle of sunblock? Really, we've been promised this hot stuff for a long time now and you know what? It's getting colder and wetter.

Quote; Ambrose Bierce.

“Dentist, n.: A Prestidigitator who, putting metal in one's mouth, pulls coins out of one's pockets.”

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