9 Jun 2012

And Then, It'll Be A Little Bit Longer….

Sorry everyone, and I use the word 'everyone' in the singular, it may be a little while longer without a meaningful post. And I use the word 'meaningful' in it's loosest possible term. I have serious stuff going on and thusly have serious stuff to do to counter the serious stuff wot's happening. We will survive, fear not. It's one of those, facing piles of trials with smiles, moments.

While I'm here, how's the rain where you be? Bloody wet where I be. Help me with this; Water Board boys want every home to have a water meter to slow us all down on our usage as climate change is making rainfall unpredictable and of diminishing quantity thus risking drought. Just down the Wasteminster corridor a few weeks ago, the environment chaps were asking for more money to build dams, dykes and drains as climate change was making rainfall unpredictable and of increasing quantity thus risking flooding.

What can you say? The magic of climate change – it is what you want it to be. Myself? Not too keen on this climate change stuff and wish they'd given good ol' global warming a better, longer chance to prove it was happening.

Quote; Katie Gill.

“Anger, tears and sadness are only for those who have given up”

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