15 Jan 2012

And Then There Was Navigation….

I see this morning that the mans boat that had a bit of a do the other day was, allegedly, four miles off course. Another report states the Captain got too close to land. They’re kidding right? Got too close to the land? Hay, there’s ‘close’, there’s ‘closer’ and there’s trying to get him on the highway. img02110

I've talked of Tom Tom in the car before and in view of this, and the above, I feel the government should speed up their summit in relation to satellite navigation stuff and the up-dating of the maps therein. You think mans boat could've been using Sat Nav and just followed orders? "Turn right at the next sticky-out bit of land."

See? We all thought the government was just wasting time, worrying about the odd truck that gets stuck because the driver didn't up-date his Sat Nav maps, or, more likely, neglected to look out the window, when all along they knew better, as ever, than us. Still can’t help thinking there’s madness in their methods all the same.

Quote; George William Curtis.

“It is not the ship so much as the skilful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.”

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