17 Jan 2012

And Then Another Note For The Loon….

People, compare this to this, weep, and then give thanks to, amongst others, the Huhnaloon.

You there Chris? You read the second ‘this’ bit? Here’s a bit of the second 'this' bit wot may, nay, should interest you;

With abundant new supplies of gas making it the cheapest option for new power generation, the largest U.S. wind-energy producer, NextEra Energy Inc. has shelved plans for new U.S. wind projects next year and Exelon Corp. called off plans to expand two nuclear plants. Michigan Energy Corp. cancelled a $2 billion coal plant after deciding it wasn’t financially viable in a time of “low natural-gas prices linked to expanded shale-gas supplies,” according to a company statement.

Mirroring the gas market, electricity prices have dropped more than 50 percent on average since 2008, and about 10 percent during the fourth quarter of 2011........

See? Compare that side of the pond with our side Mr Huhne. This is a bit from the first 'this' bit above.

Energy bills almost double in six years. Household energy bills have increased by more than 90pc in six years, rising by nearly £600 to an average of £1,259.

Please try to remember, next time you’re planning a windmill onslaught, that we’re sitting on shed loads of shale gas. The sooner you get your wind stock shorted, your gas options in place and give the go ahead, the better it'll be for all of us.

Further to all the above Mr Huhnaloon, I must also draw your attention away from the Teletubbies and towards this;

Denmark’s push for a green Europe suffered a reality check as domestic wind turbine producer Vestas Wind Systems cuts back one tenth of its work force to survive Chinese competition and a slump in demand.

....and a slump in demand. Still no alarm bells ringing in that ever slappable clowns head of yours Chris?

Quote; Steve Wright.

"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried."

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