8 Jan 2012

And Then, No Big Cigar….

Cameron Minor, you’re still not thinking things through before you speak are you?

The other day we had the stunning news that nurses should be nursing; today we here that executives shouldn’t be rewarded for failure.

Man, you're sharp. I’m sure the vast majority of the work force of UK PLC will agree with you David.

But wait!! You see the mistake you've made there young D? Executives shouldn’t be rewarded for failure. The penny dropping? How about a clue; kettles, pots, black. No? Here you go then....

I believe you’re currently the CEO of an outfit called UK PLC. A company that’s bust and broken and getting more busterer and brokener by the nano second. A company you, as CEO, are doing your best to sell what's left, treasonably, at a knock down price to Brussels.

Not content with overseeing UK PLC being bust, broke and Brusselated in spades, you, as the CEO, want to spend thirty two billion, oh come on, let's be honest, a hundred and thirty two billion quid of magic money to cut the travel time between London and Birmingham by thirty minutes. Thirty minutes? At what cost for a ticket? Most folk going to Birmingham get there free in the back of trucks don't they? Also, as the CEO, you want to see an energy policy for UK PLC that’ll probably see it back in the dark ages, both metaphorically and literally, right quick.

David, bearing all that in mind, and by your own reckoning that failure shouldn’t be rewarded, it must follow that you, as the present CEO of UK PLC and your board members, aren’t worth a carrot and should have your salaries and perks severely slashed. Or better still, suspended ‘till you get your act together. You're spot on young lad, failure shouldn’t be rewarded.

David, you little scamp, once more, when one of your prefects gives you something in writing for you to read out loud, please keep your mouth shut, read it, read it again, read it yet again, think it through, think a tad harder, tear it up, slap yourself and your prefect and think of something sensible to say.

I guess the key word is ‘think’. Here’s a tip; anything with the word ‘veto’ in it seems to be working right now.

Quote; Gore Vidal.

“Today's public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can't read them either.”

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