7 Jan 2012

And Then, Another Stunning Statement….

I see that guy in the middle east, what’s his name, is going to test fire a stealth missile - or has test fired a stealth missile, and the same guy could be close to possessing nuclear weapons. Oh, what’s the guys name again... something like Armoured Dinner-jacket. You know who I mean.

Anyhoo, with him on our doorstep, that nice young lad Cameron seems very busy telling anyone who can be bothered to listen, that nurses should be nursing. You know, looking after sick people. Stunning.

See? These cleaver young chaps know exactly how to prioritise stuff and thusly confirm my belief we are more than getting our tax monies worth from him and his henchmen.

Nurses should be nursing eh? I bet a huge proportion of the population fell over backwards in amazement at that revelation.

Finally for tonight, please, oh please, go read this over at OLDRIGHTIE.

Quote; Thomas Carlyle.

“Parliament will train you to talk; and above all things to hear, with patience, unlimited quantities of foolish talk”

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