11 Jan 2012

And Then I Had Stuff To Do….

I do be having a lot on right now. Car hard stand and dropped kerb an' stuff like that. Hard stand, he be cool but the dropped kerb – well, that's getting there. For anyone who isn't familiar with 'dropped kerbs', I'll do an explanatory post when mine's complete. How exciting is that then? Be still your beating hearts, it'll be next week.

By way of entertainment, click wot's underlined underneath under here and head back in time for a while. Someone out there should remember…. Still sounds pretty good.

To go along with the Scottish independence thingy, you here the bagpipes in that tune above? Ah, the pipes - You can almost picture the intimidating ranks of Scottish soldiers, or as they're affectionately known, jocks in frocks with daggers down their socks, guarding the new border can't you?

I guess the high speed train'll stop at the new border then? Tell you what though, can't wait to ride that sucker! Say what? It won't be ready 'till when? And a ticket will cost WHAT? Ah well, never got to ride Concord either.

Talking of Concord. You remember the Air France Concord crash? Of course you do. That was the day the French managed to kill more Germans than they did in two world wars……

Quote; ??

'Who cares if a 500 pound laser guided bomb is accurate to within 9 feet?"

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