19 Jul 2011

And Then There Was Custard….

Gratifying to see how easy we can all sleep at night confident in the fact that our magnificent police and security forces are taking care of us and protecting us from all manner of terror plots and major crime.

Wait a minute! We have an eighty year old man being questioned by a parliamentary committee, when a guy with the catchy name of Jonnie Marbles tries to throw a custard pie in the old mans puss? He got through security with a custard pie? Spot on security there then. The old boys old lady, reacting a tad faster than plod, seemed to nail ol' Mr Marbles pretty good though. Well done her!

"Any liquids, sharp objects, custard pies?"

Quote; Barnett Cocks.

“A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled.”


Steve Millar said...

Wonder when Mr Marbles gets some 'ambulance chaser' to sue Mrs Murdoch on an assault charge???

Mac said...

An interesting point. The girl done good all the same.
Appears ol' JM's a bit of an anarchist. An anarchist armed to the teeth with a custard pie??
Guess he couldn't get that black ball thing, with 'BOMB' written on it, through security.