20 Jul 2011

And Then There Was Simple Storage….

Have you seen these? Have you? Have you used one? have you? Those heavy duty polythene, zip-lock bags wot've got a two-way valve on them? Have you?

You use them for storing cloths or bedding or stuff like that. Stuff your stuff inside, zip-lock him and suck the air out using your vacuum cleaner. Using these bags for 'fluffy' storage, air out, prevents the risk of mildew forming which can happen if 'fluff stuff' is just stuffed in a cupboard and forgotten for any length of time.

I've just used one, a big one, for the first time. So far so good and really easy to use.

The only problem I can see will be when the contents are taken out for use, and then, later, I need to get the stuff stuffed back inside again.

How so a problem? Your inquisitive mind may be inquiring.

Okay, this is 'how so'. Even this time, the first time, It took all my cunning and guile to entice 'my little nest of vipers' into the bag. When I release her to do things, like house cleaning, cooking, or putting the new roof on, it's going to take a whole new level of cunning and guile to encourage her back into the bag. Y'know what they say, 'You can fool some of the people..'. It'd take a windmill salesman to do that.

Possibly trick her in with a bit of food placed in the bottom of the bag? Taser? Taser could be fun…

Before someone contacts the 'Pie Police', this IS just fun. So what's in the bag then? Winter duvet is what. As of this date.

Quote; Alfred McForte.

WIFE: Mr Watts, next door, blows his wife a kiss every morning as he leaves for work. I wish you'd do that.
HUSBAND: But I hardly know the woman!


Steve Millar said...

Be very careful my friend. After seeing the lightning reactions of Wendi the other day, it's your missus wots likely to be bagging you up.
Remember, I have met your wife. She is a cobra to your sloth......

Mac said...

A cobra to my sloth. Like it, and how true.