17 May 2011

And Then There Was A Need For Speed….

Yo, Huhne, how ya doin’? Not too good eh? Happy to hear that. My heart sings.

I know we shouldn’t assume guilt, and you’re innocent ‘till proven guilty, but can’t we make an exception in ‘Propeller Heads’ case? Please? Twenty five years with no chance of remission works for me. It’d also give him a chance to grow up don’t cha think?

A letter to the ‘forehead of doom’.

What the good Lord Turnbull’s paper’s about.

The good Lord Turnbull’s paper.

And a change of mind...

that hasn’t got through.

Don’t ANY of our leaders, and I use the term ‘leader’ very loosely, read? Say what? They can’t? Oh.

Oh, and the little bit of money we have left? I believe there is just a little bit left. Well, what to do with it. Keep our old and infirm fed, clothed and warm? Seriously, what am I, some kind of nut? Come on, isn’t the answer obvious? You know what? Let’s give just it away.

After that lot, here’s an old tune wot’s got the perfect beat for battering your head against a brick wall. By the way, only use a brick wall if you can’t get a hold of a Huhne to hit, hokay?

Quote; Douglas Adams.

“I’m spending a year dead for tax reasons.”


Caratacus said...

Nice to hear you're back safe + sound Mac.

Now ...... I know I are thick (but can still lift heavy weights) but I can't find that old tune .... must be me.

Caratacus said...

...sigh... it WAS me :)

Thank you for the memories...

Mac said...

Thanks for the 'back safe' sir.
It was good to be back but just when I thought it was safe to read the news - Huhne!!
I'm having problems getting video to link like wot it did before. Works okay in Live Writer then shows all kinds of code errors in Blugger. Now it's choosing which links to under line. I'll work at it. Promise.

Mac said...

Well, it's green now.....