18 May 2011

And Then There Was A Lovely Read….

Earlier today, while sitting on the sofa ruminating,….. Yes? Yes, the boy at the back! Ah, Huhne again. It would be. Well, what’s the giggling about Huhne? I don’t believe it! For heavens sake Huhne, the word was ‘ruminating’. I fear education will be wasted on you. Stupid boy. Right. Ruminating, when ‘boot scraper’ popped into my pea like brain. This, in turn, brought an old book to mind. This, in turn, left no room for the previous thought which was automatically discarded, to prevent overload, leaving me wondering, at the time, what I had been thinking about that reminded me of the book. Clear so far? Yes? I’m amazed!

I was up and at the bookshelf in a bound and, book in hand back on sofa and lost, yet again, in days past.

‘What book could this be?’ I hear you gasp. It’s a lovely little book that’s quite likely familiar to you. If not, please take a look. You may well be hooked after the first few lines. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been reeled into it’s pages.

‘For crying out loud! Is he EVER going to tell us the name of the damn thing?’ Oh, right. “The Diary of a Nobody.”

If you have/do read it, I’m pretty sure, and think you’ll agree, there’s a little bit of poor old Pooter in all of us.

You can read it here, on-line. You can download it here in a format for E-readers or as a plain text file. There’s even mp3 downloads though I haven’t tried those.

If you go for the text file, try this little free program to make reading on your computer somewhat book-like. Neat.

After yesterdays posting debacle, other reading today has involved ‘Hyperlinks for Dummies’. Unfortunately, it's back to the bookshop tomorrow as the Dummy version's far too advanced for me.

Quote; Tim Vine.

“I was reading a book... 'The History of Glue' - I couldn't put it down.”

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