19 May 2011

And Then There Were Three Things….

We wuzz sitting in a cafe earlier, partaking of a cappuccino and a Panini, or, as I used to know them back in the day, a coffee and a toasted sandwich, when I caught the drift and tuned into the conversation taking place at the next booth. As you do.

They were discussing what television programs they enjoyed. The general consensus seemed to favour anything with the Meerkats in it. A sad comment on the quality of most of the stuff churned out for our entertainment I would say. Entertainment? Only kidding.

Adverts; I love the end of the ISA season ‘couse it means the end of that infuriating noddy headed ‘ISA, ISA baby’ woman. Only to be replaced by those two, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah…’ vomit inducing children. Don’t it all drive you to the Off button? You don’t turn it on? Praise be!

That reminds me; Why have elephants got big ears?
Because Noddy won’t pay the ransom.

Oh dear, you don’t know what that’s all about do you? Man, I feel old some days.

Quickly moving on… The code stuff? After further investigation I find that I found the answer a few posts ago upon encountering the very same problem. I even wrote about it – then forgot the answer. This is yet further proof, should any be required, that I really am dumber-un-a-stick.

This here, wot is below, is {1} to show those not familiar with ‘our’ beloved Meerkats how good TV can be, {2} to see if I have remembered how to do the embederating stuff I’ve just learned, again, and {3} make me wish I had had the bottle to try the bath back at bling central.

How about that then? This coding stuff? Nothing to it. Even figured out how to make him thing be a smaller square!! The trick now is to remember for the next time.

Quote; Mitch Ratcliffe.

“A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.”

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