20 May 2011

And Then There Were Memories….

The Filthy Engineer has been posting, occasionally, about his early navy days. The latest post on this topic made mention of cutters, or as us poor sods up north called them, boats. We couldn’t get our tongues round ‘cutter’.

I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of the school wot I went to in relation to cutters and boats. These photographs are dated 1951. I rolled up in 1958 by-the-by. Yes, time does go back that far.

At the BoatsTrinity House 1951 Boat Drill

Once a week, down to the docks where the school had its boat. For those of an age wot know about this stuff, please note the rope falls, wooden blocks, lack of life-jackets, scull caps, knee protectors, safety goggles, safety lines and those clown cloths looking fluorescent hazard vests. But please note, as if you could fail to notice, the broad smiles. {Probably never seen a camera before.}

Can you spot the swot? My guess? Second photo, second kid in from the right. Why him? He’s wearing his hat chin strap. Bet he always had shiny shoes and did his homework. Pratt.

You can try the clicky thingy if you wish. They may get bigger, I’m not sure. The pictures I mean. The kids got bigger automatically, as they got older.

Quote; B. F. Skinner.

”Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.”


Caratacus said...

Bet each and every one of those kids made something of their lives Mac :-) and they could tie a mean knot too...

btw - thought the item below may add a little joy to your evening (if you hadn't seen it already)


Mac said...

I'm absolutely sure they did.

Thanks for that link. You were right, it sure made my evening. If it gets any better I won't be able to stand it!!