22 May 2011

And Then I Find I’m Still Here….

Seems we didn’t get raptured yesterday. As I sit here looking out the windo… haaaay, where is everybody? Oh boy, let me check that flow chart again right quick. Anyone out there picking this up? If you do pick this up, I have an old wireless and I’ll be tuning up and down the kilo-bicycles tonight listening out for anyone else left behind.

Hang on just a second there. No, it’s okay, it’s Sunday and it’s raining. Guess we’re all still here then. Including, for now, ‘Propeller Head’.

I did buy a new jacket last week so’s I’d look my best for the last day. Just in case, you understand. Picked a cheeky wee light cream linen number in an attempt to emulate my imagined look of characters from certain John Le Carre and Graham Green novels. I’m afraid the reality was to give the impression of a very old Tellytubby who’d been sleeping rough. {Note to self; don’t bother buying the Panama Hat.}

Sorry, I can’t find how to do that squiggly little thingy over the ‘e’ in Carre.

Strangely, I couldn’t find a jacket with pockets either. They all had those pocket flappy thingies, but no pockets.

I asked the jacket selling person about this strangeness.
”Are you really that stup….. Sir, of course they have pockets.
We sow them up for display so naughty people can’t walk round the store slipping bombs into the pockets.”

And that was the answer to that. Honest. How long’s this been going on then? Pocket sowing I mean. How sad can it get? How sad can we get?

Anyhoo, to change the subject somewhat, I’m sure you’re all keeping up with ‘Propeller Heads’ problems? Man, it just gets better and better do it?
Oh dear me Mr. Huhne; “Yesterday it also emerged Mr Huhne was a director of a firm selling speed cameras to the police at the time his car was flashed speeding in Essex.”

Wonder if boy blunder’s seen this clip. Wonder if he’d learn anything. I wonder why I’m wondering. That’s surely two things not to waste too much time wondering about.

Lastly, just to ruin your Sunday, have a look at this. You’ve got to wonder.

Quote; Doug Larson.

"If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur."

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