16 May 2011

And Then There Was A ‘Snack’….

Home again although there was a false start from over there all the same. Families with small children had already boarded the plane and the remaining hoards were charging along the air bridge when we were stopped in our progress by ground crew. To our dismay they then un-boarded families with small children. We were then informed that there would be a delay as, and I quote, ‘..a technical problem has arrived.’

Almost as good as the sign propped in a urinal in the Gents Convenience {This is wot Gents Toilets are known as in Englandashire} in departures stating, “Work In Progress. Inconvenience Regretted.”

A ‘technical problem arriving’ is always cause for speculation amongst trapped passengers and ideas as to what this may mean generally range from ‘We’re stuck here.’ all the way through to ‘We’re all doomed.’

On this occasion, no big deal, and after a little over an hours delay we were off. I say no big deal like I know something about the arrival of the technical thingy. I don’t. I say no big deal ‘couse I got home, is all.

It was, of course, Delta again. The evening snack was, well, not too sure. Best description would be a six week old, cold, mushy peas, pureed with other unknown stuff added, then put into a three day old bread roll wrapped in tin foil. Sorry if that’s making your mouth water.

What to do. Stay hungry or chance my digestive system to the roll. Eat I did. Can’t describe the taste, other than that it was like nothing eaten before. Did I rush to the galley for more? No. It did, however, remind me of Fathers regular comment, while watching me eat, that I had a stomach like a pawn shop. It’d take anything in.

For those of you not au fait with mushy peas, below are a couple of pictures. On the left, peas. On the right, peas after us Brits have got hold of ‘em. Man, remember those peas with school dinners? And similar looking to something Delta got hold of and serve in old bread rolls….

Pea Mushy

Before I go eat something mushy, for some sad reading regarding windmills, please visit Oh what NOW and weep.

Quote; Mike Kalin.

"Nouvelle Cuisine, roughly translated, means: I can't believe I paid ninety-six Dollars and I'm still hungry."

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